Welcome to the Official Blogger Page for Basava Residential Girls School!

Welcome to the Official Blogger Page for Basava Residential Girls School. Here at BRGS, we believe in giving girls a wholesome and holistic education so that they may be empowered to be leaders of the future. Thank you for visiting our network, please feel free to comment and like our posts. In this blog you will find creative writing and art of students along with footage of major events that have taken place in our school. 

Independence Day Celebrations 2017

On the 15th of August, 2017, India celebrated its 70th year of independence from British colonisation. In honour of our great leaders and ever-growing nation, the students, staff and parents of the Basava Residential Girls School community all played a role in making the Independence Day 2017 celebrations a huge and memorable success.

The school band performs during the march-past towards the flag-hoisting grounds. 

The students marched along assembled via their houses towards the flag-hoisting grounds.

The school staff and administration salute the nation as the flag is hoisted while the National Anthem is played by the school anthem and sung by the respectful onlookers.

The student's brought about a special programme, where-in dances such as this aerobic drill with hoops were performed.

The grand final step of the modern dance in dedication to our great nation.

The Basava Residential Girls School students exhibit their karate skills in a drill exercise for the audience to watch. It was truly marvelous!

A group of Basava Residential Girls School students perform a skit in dedication to the great leaders of India.

The MC of the show plays her role as the administrators sit behind the podium.

Mr. Ramesh Hariharan (School Advisor/Chief Guest) makes a memorable speech during the Independence Day 2017 programme.


About Us - Our Background

Basava Residential Girls School was established by the Basava Samithi Trust, and was headed by the Honourable President of Basava Samithi - Shri Aravind Jatti, son of the late Dr. B.D. Jatti, a former Vice-President of India as well as former Acting President of the nation and Chief Minister of Karnataka & former Governor of Orissa and Pondicherry.

Basava Residential Girls School (BRGS) is now the most prestigious boarding school for girls in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is famed for its focus on a modern, progressive curriculum, rooted in values based educational programme, with a focus on holistic development of the girl child. The strong academic programme is augmented by extra-curricular activities such as games, sports and other day to day events.Student council forms an important component of school life, helping to inculcate leadership and responsibility in the students. 

The students at Basava Residential Girls School are provided the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination, with which the school is affiliated and is also recognized by the Government of Karnataka.

The Heads Of My School - A Poem By BRGS Students Priya B., Varsha M.P., and Pragathi N.

Here is a sweet poem written by three girls about the Administrative Heads of our school, Basava Residential Girls School. We really owe a lot to the Administration of our school, and it was nice of these girls to recognise their hard work !

The Autobiography Of A Walking Stick - A Short Story By Nehal R.S. (10th Std.)

It was a chilly December evening.
The sun slowly started saying goodbye for the day.
I, just like any other day lay abandoned between the piles of boxes, cursing my fate.
The bright orange light gave a scorching sense of loneliness and when I watched mothers taking their children back home, I also just wished that I had a family too.
At the time of dusk usually a man comes and adds on to the dust in the city by throwing garbage on me. 
These were the daily happenings in my life until one day an old man, perhaps new to the city trudged along the way.
Maybe he was tired, and he looked much too feeble.
His eyes emitted innocence.
He suddenly stood gaping at me and the next step he took he was down on the floor, unable to neither stand nor walk.
He badly needed support, so he looked around for some time and set his eyes on me.
He looked at me and said “god’s messenger, you are in front of me in the form of a walking stick.”
He lifted me up and put his 55 kilo weight on me.
All along the way, more than his weight, I was happy to have someone for whom I was important.
After walking for a mile or so, we entered a large structure (house).
I was unable to figure out what that exactly was, but for the first time in 6 years as soon as I entered the structure I felt warm.
I felt as if some heavenly angel had wrapped a woolen blanket around me.
I was taken inside and just next to the door there was huge vase placed in which there were a couple of colored sticks (umbrellas)
I was placed between them.
Though I never knew what they were, I enjoyed their company.
Days went by and now I had started to understand many things.
I also observed that I had become a very important part of the old man’s life.
He never even went to the nearby shop without me.
Who knows what kind of games our fate plays.
That which never seemed to be a source of help to anybody had suddenly gained abundant importance.
Some more days passed by and the eve of Christmas arrived.
When I looked out of the window that night I saw a totally different world instead of a dark spooky night sky.
I saw crowds laughing and enjoying the essence of Christmas.
The next morning as the old man walked me down the lane, he came across an old antique shop and placed me near the door.
He went inside and returned after some time. 
He then looked at me with a broad and loving smile and tied something to my neck which read “god’s gift.” 
I was pleased to have a nice tag all for myself. 
I thanked my fate for making me experience the feeling of loneliness so that I could enjoy the company also. 
Years had passed, and the doors of heaven had opened for him. 
Now that I have no one to look after I have thrown back to the same place by the same man who used to come and add on to the dirt in the city 
as you know that our fate plays nasty games 
I found out that this man who dirtied the city happened to be the son of this old man. 
I learnt that this is the line that separates a bad human being and a good human being. 
Now I have come back to the same spot and as I see the orange light sky dimming, I wish to close my eyes too and reach heaven to serve the old man who once gave me importance.

10th STD

Haiku Poems Written By Students

During Project Day, English Students were taught how to write Haiku Poems, a special style of poetry developed by the Japanese which has a syllable pattern of 5-7-5. Usually, Haiku poems are written about nature and the environment. Students were given the assignment to write on whatever they want, and most of the Haiku Poems were beautifully written. The Project Day turned out to be a huge success. 

Basava Residential Girls School - Meditation And Om Chanting (Video 3)

Basava Residential Girls School Spiritual Assembly - Meditation and Om Chanting (Video 3)