Independence Day Celebrations 2017

On the 15th of August, 2017, India celebrated its 70th year of independence from British colonisation. In honour of our great leaders and ever-growing nation, the students, staff and parents of the Basava Residential Girls School community all played a role in making the Independence Day 2017 celebrations a huge and memorable success.

The school band performs during the march-past towards the flag-hoisting grounds. 

The students marched along assembled via their houses towards the flag-hoisting grounds.

The school staff and administration salute the nation as the flag is hoisted while the National Anthem is played by the school anthem and sung by the respectful onlookers.

The student's brought about a special programme, where-in dances such as this aerobic drill with hoops were performed.

The grand final step of the modern dance in dedication to our great nation.

The Basava Residential Girls School students exhibit their karate skills in a drill exercise for the audience to watch. It was truly marvelous!

A group of Basava Residential Girls School students perform a skit in dedication to the great leaders of India.

The MC of the show plays her role as the administrators sit behind the podium.

Mr. Ramesh Hariharan (School Advisor/Chief Guest) makes a memorable speech during the Independence Day 2017 programme.


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