Founder's Day - Speech By Ambika (10th Std.)

Founders Day Speech - By Ambika (10th Std.)

Honourable Chief Guest, President of Basava Samithi, his holiness Belimatha Swamiji, and all the dignitaries seated on the dais, I am Ambika of 10th Standard, and I wish to speak a few thoughts on this auspicious morning with regard to our respected founder - President Shri B.D. Jatti Thatha, his vision, thoughts and his deeds. 

Known as Basappa Danappa Jatti, a modest and humble beginning in a village rose to phenomenal and dizzy heights of adorning the office of the Vice-President of the Indian Union and executed the work of President as well. 

Being a person of great honour, his thoughts have been highlighted in his own autobiography - "I Am My Own Model."

He was a philosopher who believed in the Constituion of India, which tells us that Occupation, Profession, Avocation, Labour, Work, Duty or any other employment undertaken leads to self-realisation which is a new outlook towards man and his labour or service, Work or service is the best way to liberation. He believed that Basavanna was a rare instance of powerful intellect whose contribution overlooked economics of socialism teaching the dignity of manual labour by giving it religious significance. He also enriched the Kannada lanuage and mutual toleration which reaised the nation to a higher level of both thought and action.

The Three Cardnal Tenets that emerged from the works of Basavanna, he stressed, were Non-Violence - our creed; violence is the product of hatred and is coming to the forefront in world politics. Secondly, he concentrated on Non-Exploitation - discrimination leads to exploitation and dominates the economic, political, social and religious spheres of life. The third - Brotherhood of Labour and Non-Acceptance Of Gifts. Acceptance of gifts would lower one's self-reliance and the spirit of independence. He illustrates that 'Gifts' are gold adorning the Temple, but 'Grace' is like the temple that sanctifies the gold.

Jatti Thatha was a Karma Yogi, Raj Yogi and Bhakti Yogi, all in one body and soul. He lived his life, doing his duties, facing difficulties, planning for the glory of the country and it's people, without being enamoured of the praises which were showered upon him.

With this background, our school is instituted mainly for girls, and this was his dream. On this day we rededicate ourselves to realise his vision and pledge to follow the principles he propounded. 

With this, I Conclude.

Ambika (10th Std.)

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